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pull you saveHistory

A1-Salvage became Utah Pic A Part Ogden in 2015 and is one part of five locations across three states: Nevada, Utah and Arizona, since 2006.

Cash For Cars

Everyday automobile accidents occur that renders vehicles inoperable or the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle. Sometimes a car just breaks down and just ends up taking space in someone’s yard or garage. Although these vehicles are unwanted, there are still parts that can be used. At Utah Pic A Part we will pay Top Dollar to purchase the vehicle for the public to pick parts from. If you have a vehicle that is wrecked, damaged or no longer running just go to our Cash For Cars page and fill out the form or call us at (801) 612-6446. We will schedule a pick-up and remove your unwanted vehicle for free and pay you for it.

The Process

Once the vehicle arrives at our Ogden junkyard, we will begin to process the vehicle. We remove all fluids from the vehicles to be disposed of properly to protect the environment. Of the fluids that are removed, we save antifreeze for customers to purchase in gallon jugs. Some aftermarket items may be removed and displayed for public purchase, especially popular items like radios and speakers.

Self Service Pic A Part

Utah Pic A Part is a Self Service auto recycling yard which means that you can come out and pull the parts yourself. This cuts out the middleman which keeps the prices of quality used auto parts competitively low. Check out our Self Service Price List for Car Parts and Truck Parts. We provide our Self Service Inventory for customers to access so they can see if the vehicle they need parts from is available. Even if the vehicle you need parts from isn’t listed, you can always come down to the junkyard and we can provide a Parts Interchange where you can find a certain part on another make or model. To make you experience at our auto salvage yard a smooth one, we also provide a Yard Map and a guideline for you.

Final Process

As new inventory arrives, we will remove vehicles that have been on the yard for some time to make room. Before doing so, our mechanic crew will remove all salvageable cores that have not been picked and pulled from the vehicle.  Other items such as usable cores, radiators, and master cylinders are sold in bulk.

Crushed & Recycled

After all valuable parts and accessories have been removed, the final process of removing wiring and other remnant parts are ripped out, leaving only the frame. The metal frame is then crushed and stacked onto other crushed vehicles. Finally this pile of scrap metal will be removed by an independent contractor to melt down the steel frame to be made into new products. Everything that enters Utah Pic A Part Ogden auto recycling yard has either been reused to fixed broken down or damaged vehicles, disposed of properly and not placed in landfills, or recycled so that the raw materials can be used again.

Using Wrecking Yards Effectively for Buying your Used Parts

You have had a 70s car in your garage for over a decade and you are working on restoring it; you need auto parts. The local parts store down the road doesn’t carry the parts you need either. You could shop online and find a number of retailers to order restoration parts that are either repro, rebuilt or were bought surplus. Or, you can stop by our wrecking yard and save yourself a bundle.

Get Used Parts Quicker and Cheaper from Wrecking Yards

You can get ready to use auto parts much quicker at a junkyard versus going to a classic car parts source. These places could take a few days to several weeks to get your parts depending on what you need, the size and if it’s in stock. With our wrecking yard, it might take you a whole day, but chances are you will be going home with your part at a fraction of the cost.

The “Traditional” Junkyard

You might remember the traditional junkyard which is less common these days. These junkyards are similar to a store for used auto parts. As they get new cars in, they strip them of the parts that are in high demand and stock them in a warehouse or on their shelves. For parts like transmissions, rear ends and whole engines, they normally stock those just outside the door on big racks.

The “Pick-a-Part” Junkyard

These are more common these days. You save more money because they have a bit less overhead. You do pay a small non-refundable entry fee to get inside the yard which typically covers a few dozen or more acres. You should always call ahead when researching different junkyards to see what they specialize in which will improve your odds of locating your required parts. You can always ask them to cross-reference the part you are looking for. This way, instead of just looking for a 1970 Charger, you can look for Chargers between the years of 1966 and 1974 that might have a lower control arm and torsion bar.

Bring your own Tools

When you do find what you are looking for in the wrecking yard, you will need to remove it yourself. Going to a ‘pick-and-pull’ yard will likely save you at least 25 percent versus a traditional yard. Sure, you will get dirty and spend more time there, but you are already wrenching, right? So, it’s no big deal. Remember, you will be hauling back everything you find as well as the tools you brought with you, so you might want to just carry in the basics with you and leave the heavier, larger tools in your car for backup.

Many people skip the junkyards in the auto life cycle and buy new parts from a safe, nice dealer with steep rates. However, if you want to add a bit of adventure in your car repair or restore, the junkyard is definitely the way to go before shelling out loads of money on new parts. For the inexperienced, junkyards can seem intimidating, but this really isn’t the case. Not only do you get a boatload of inexpensive parts at a junkyard, you also get a priceless mechanical education. So, if you are a gearhead, penny-pincher and professional widget collector or simply bored out of your mind looking for something cheap to do, pay us a visit.

pull and saveBenefits of Using Our Pull and Save Auto Parts

Here are just a few:

1. Easy Processing

For people who sell their scrap cars, you couldn’t find an easier process. You just give us a call at (801) 612-6446, we will give you a quote and you can then haul it to us or have us pick it up. Buying parts is just as easy. Check our Inventory and our Car and Truck Pricing; then just show up to the junkyard, pull out your used parts and save yourself some money.

2. Easy Money

We tend to offer cash benefits for both sellers and buyers. When sellers scrap their car, they get cash in their hand where hey would hardly get anything on the resale market. Buyers will get steep savings on used auto parts that they would need for their vehicle; saving them up to 75 percent on the same new part and without sacrificing quality.

3. Warranties

Our junkyards might even offer a 30 day warranty that covers each part for credit or replacement. We might even offer extended warranties for an even further protection dependent on the part being purchased. We can offer a warranties because we cannot guarantee that a part will work until the customer places it on their vehicle. We want to you to get the part you need to get your vehicle running.

4. Great Selection

We have a huge selection of scrap cars filled with used parts that are ready and waiting to be picked through.
Where you decide to buy your used auto parts will determine how much you pay. Junkyards will often sell used parts from damaged cars that were brought to them. There are still many decent parts in the vehicle that function really well which will be drastically discounted since they are being sold in the yard. You can pull and save knowing you are saving some significant cash and still getting quality used auto parts. This is an auto part junkie’s dream come true.

Tips for When You Pick n Pull to Save Money

Pick and pull your auto parts to avoid wasting cash on the same parts in the store. If you are going to fix your own vehicle, then every dollar counts. Our junkyard is full of spare auto parts that are here for the taking. All you have to do is remove them! It really is that easy. We just ask that if you are going to come down to pick and pull your auto parts, please follow some simple tips we have listed below.

Plan Your Day

To make your day of pulling parts easier we provide a Guideline along with a Yard Map to help you locate the vehicle faster. Being prepared will save you time and money.


Grease and oil are nothing like dirt. It stains your clothing and is almost impossible to remove. We recommend wearing worn clothing or work clothes because you do not want to ruin your nice clothes. If you wear old or dirty clothes, then you do not have to be concerned with being cautious about touching the vehicles. You will get grease and oil all over your clothing when you pick n pull the parts. As for your feet—wear closed-toe shoes. It is recommended that you wear shoes with a steel-toe or hard-toe. Tennis shoes will be fine, but no open-toe shoes allowed.

Helpful Tools

Bring your own tools. We do not provide our customers with tools. However, we do provide engine hoists and carts for easy transportation of parts you pulled. We recommend that you bring WD-40 to help loosen up the tight parts. Bring a flashlight even in the middle of the day. You should wear a pair of thick gloves to keep your hands safe.

A Few Don’ts

  • Children are absolutely not allowed out in the junkyard. It is not safe—at all. Please leave your children at home.
  • Do not wear sandals, flip-flops, heels, or anything that may put your feet at risk of serious injury. We recommend wearing hard-toe or steel-toe shoes, but definitely closed-toe only! We will not allow you in the yard if you are wearing open-toe shoes.
  • We do not allow individuals who have been consuming alcoholic beverages to enter the yard.


How Self Service Works:

  • Pay a small admissions fee
  • A Utah Pic A Part Ogden Sales Associate can assist you to the vehicles you need
  • Pick n Pull your Parts to Save
  • Use your own tools to remove the parts.
  • Bring the parts to the cashier for purchase
  • Pay for the parts according to our posted self service parts pricing list.
  • Take the parts and install on your vehicle


Sell Us Your Vehicle

Get extra money for your unwanted vehicle. We properly recycle and dispose of all fluids and materials. So, help the environment by selling your car or truck to A-One Salvage & Pic A Part. To keep our Self Service yards fully stocked with fresh inventory, A-One Salvage & Pic A Part Self Service buys cars, light trucks, vans, SUVs and other vehicles every day.
Come to Utah Pic A Part Ogden, pull your parts and Save BIG!

junkyardHow to Use Our Junkyards to Obtain your Auto Parts

Before going to a salvage yard, it’s important that you know what you’re doing which will make all the difference in the world, but ultimately will help you shop for used parts and save time and money. Similar to purchasing things second-hand, availability and timing is everything. If you are short on money but need a part immediately, you might not find your replacement part or be able to afford it to get your car running again. Therefore, it might be worth your time to browse around the yards.

Forget the Blind Calls

Calling blindly to a dozen of junkyards might not be worth the hassle. Instead, to save some time, you can find businesses that have inventory tracking systems. Large salvage dealers should have incoming car data to make it easy for you to find what you need. Smaller dealers, however, might have to check their stock physically or require you to visit the site and check for yourself.

Shop Online

You can save yourself some time by shopping online to search nationwide dealers since they have a huge network with other dealers which increase the collective pool of parts.

Go Straight to the Yard

Despite the costs savings you would get with salvaged parts, many will still opt for the big-box auto retailers due to sheer convenience. For those looking to buy parts for a car restoration project, heading to the junkyard might provide you with not just money savings, but pure enjoyment as well.

Know What you are Looking for Ahead of Time

Before visiting the junkyard, it’s important to know exactly what part you’re looking for, how much of it that should come off to repair or replace what you have and how you are going to remove it. After that, you will have to have the proper tools to get the job done. Keep in mind, not many yards will offer you tools or labor. You will have to do this yourself. There are other yards that don’t even have a walk-in operation but rather will take your request, search for it and ship it to you.

You will almost always enjoy significant savings on junkyard parts; however the time there can be significant too. Some time factors include researching what you need, how long it takes to get to the yard and the amount of time spent in the yard. You can weigh out your options which are less desirable to you: getting dirty and spending time obtaining your part or paying almost 80 percent more at a dealer or retail store. The choice is yours.

pull you saveWho Can Take Advantage of You Pull You Save Junkyards

Junkyards are a perfect source for getting ahold of inexpensive parts for vehicles. You can even find parts for nice cars as well. In you pull you save junkyards, you will find ball bearings, little brackets, sun visors, mud flaps, ashtrays and many other gadgets.

You would probably pay a small fortune for those ball bearings as a dealership. That’s in the event the dealer even carried such an unprofitable item. However, if you are willing to put on an older pair of shoes and go trudging around a junkyard, you most likely will find some for no more than a couple bucks.

Common You Pull You Save Customers

  1. Do-It-Yourselfers – If you are handy with tools and need some parts, you can stop in the junkyard and save yourself up to 80 percent off of normal retail prices. If your used parts option is you pull you save parts, you can keep original factory equipment in your car.
  2. Auto Part Hobbyists – With pretty much all junkyards having an inventory of virtually all models and makes, finding that hard-to-find part for that unique project will be a breeze. In fact, if you are not currently working on a project, but would like to start one, you can also find cars for sale.
  3. Large Volume Buyers – Many pull and save junkyards have teams that are devoted and equipped to support large volume buyers.
  4. Independent Repair Shops – You no longer need to compete on inventory and prices with repair chain stores. You can easily pick and pull the parts you need from junkyards and offer your customers very competitive prices.
  5. Auto Parts Small Business Owners – Many people are opting to work from their home and the auto parts industry is very lucrative. There are thousands of people searching online for cheap auto parts. You can position yourself as their salvage auto parts supplier. You don’t have to be a detail specialist or mechanic to work this type of business and make some real cash. This is especially true if you are simply dealing with basic engine parts or exterior and interior restoration parts. If you are looking to really drill down on a particular niche, some ideas you could specialize in might include:
    • Sports cars
    • Engine parts
    • Truck parts
    • Interior or exterior restoration parts
    • Specific model and make of car

wreckKnowing your Options When it Comes Time to Sell your Wreck

Even though your car might be totaled or a complete wreck, that does not mean you can’t sell if for money. In fact, there are plenty of places that will buy damaged or totaled cars, like junkyards, so they can turn around and sell out the parts for profit.

The value of your car takes a big hit once it’s been in an accident. A 2009 survey conducted by, shows that the resale value of a car that’s been in a wreck could drop between 10 to 30 percent. If there is frame damage, for most respondents, it’s a deal breaker.

Not to mention, most auto insurance companies usually are only obligated contractually to restore or repair your car to its pre-accident condition. This could still leave you with thousands of dollars in diminished value.
Often people just are not sure what to do with their damaged cars and in many cases don’t even realize they have multiple possibilities. If your car has been damaged or wrecked and is beyond repair, there are various options for you to get rid of it and make some money.

Part Out Your Wreck

Often parting out a totaled vehicle is the most profitable way to rid you of the car. Keep in mind that it does require some time to part out your car and a place to store it until you are done with it. The fact that selling used auto parts is becoming a huge business opportunity that renders millions might be intriguing to you. Parts on your car like catalytic converters, the engine, evaporators, air compressors and rims can typically be sold rather quickly. Once you have parted out your car, you can then scrap it for even more money.

Scrap It

If you decide to scrap your vehicle, you will have to take it to a scrapyard or junkyard. Companies like this will not only buy your car, but many will even come and pick it up at your home for free. If you haven’t parted out your car, they will pick apart your car and sell the working parts. Because of this, they will probably offer you a little more for your car. However, when you have gutted out your car and are simply scrapping it, the scrapyard will give you money based on the car’s weight.

Tips to Follow when Opting for the Junkyard

1.Receive Multiple Offers
It’s usually standard to receive roughly the same quote from all junkyards looking to buy your car. However, you will find those yards that will offer you more. By shopping around and receiving multiple offers, you will have a better chance of locating a junkyard that offers you a higher bid. It’s recommended that you get at least three price quotes.

2.Request an Explanation of Price Quotes
Since junkyards earn a big percentage of profits from selling used auto parts, you should request that your price quote be based off the value of your car’s usable parts. By selling to a junkyard that pretty much offers a flat price for cars, you are not allowing yourself to get the best offer, particularly if your car has a lot of undamaged parts in it.

Each of these options will bring you some cash for your car. However, it’s important to be careful when dealing with people looking to buy your wrecked car since not everyone will give you a fair deal. This is why it’s essential to shop around.

junkerWhat to Do with your Junker Car

There comes a time when you find yourself with an old car that you don’t need or use anymore. It’s taking up space either in your garage or driveway. Often cars like these sit for extended periods of time deteriorating. Rather than letting your junker just sit there wasting away, why not have it removed and get some money for it? Many people take their junkers and either scrap them out or sell them to junkyards. There are a few options for you to sell your old car and make the most money from it as possible.

Selling to a Junkyard

Pretty much all junkyards will pick up your old cars and put a couple hundred dollars in your hand. It’s a fairly simple process. Most just pull up and put your car on the back of their tow truck, give you some money and drive away with it. Others have a bit more stringent guidelines.
Scrapping your Car

Usually your last option for your car if it’s completely dead is a scrapyard. When you get to this point, you are actually selling your vehicle by weight for the resources. If you have a heavy car like an older truck, it works out great. Smaller vehicles, you probably won’t get much. Before scrapping your car, be sure you part out as much as possible so you can earn the most amount from it. Scrapyards don’t care what’s in the car; they just weigh it and pay you according to its weight.

Steps Before Getting Rid of your Junker

1. Shop Around
Before selling your car to a junkyard or scrapyard, it might be a good idea to know the value of your vehicle. This will allow you the chance to figure out a fair price for the model and make of your car. Often it’s easier to just accept the highest price and be done with it unless you are looking to maximize profit as much as possible.

2. Establish Ownership
You need to have your title of your car in hand before any junkyard or scrapyard will buy your car. Before dealing with these businesses, you need to establish ownership of your car.

3. Assess the Value
Assess any damage to your vehicle and look up the Blue Book value of it. You want to equip yourself with as much information as possible about your car’s condition. When shopping around for prices, you might have a lot of questions thrown at you about your vehicle including if it runs, what kind of damage it has and what other things are wrong with it. You might even consider repairing some of the damage.

Purchasing used auto parts through junkyards is a far better experience today than years before. It’s convenient, quick and cost effective. You can even come home with parts in your hand the same day you arrived at a fraction of what you would pay at a dealer. Regardless if you are looking to restore that beat up truck you have in your yard, entertain your new hobby or start a business in selling auto parts, Utah Pic A Part should be your first stop for finding quality you pull you save parts at very affordable prices.


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